Card #2 – The Teacher

TheTeacherThis is the first card in my “committee” suit.  The committee suit represent the different pieces or parts of your psyche.  I journaled in advance of making this card and the ones that follow and have a pretty big list.

I’m not certain why I chose to make this card first other than I’m a “teacher” by trade.  I’m a Technical Trainer for Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services, Inc. and work in their Information Services department.  I couldn’t leave a computer out of this card and toyed with the idea of making the primary image a computer screen with symbolic teacher stuff showing on the screen.

I’m happy with the result of this card – but I think I could make additional cards on this role.  It was hard to choose images and I experienced some frustration with not having the perfect image I needed.  For example, I wanted a traditional blue globe rather than the antique beige one.

As for meaning, I am very happy with the door image and the way it works.  I wanted to symbolize opening doors for people as I facilitate their learning.  The image of the figure pointing at the nebula is representative of teaching things that are “beyond” and alludes to the ability of a teacher to make the seemingly unknowable knowable.

I had to include books, lots of books and a computer, of course.  The rest of the images, the globe, the apple, the ruler are all traditional symbols of learning and teaching.

It’s a pretty straight forward concept and I think, as I am writing and explaining the card, that it’s actually appropriate there isn’t much abstract here.  Afterall, the message of the teacher should be as universal as possible, accessible by all.


2 thoughts on “Card #2 – The Teacher

  1. I love that the teacher is in shadow – a reminder that shadow teaches as well as light, and also that the Teacher is universal – all people can be teachers for themselves and for one another.

    Try looking on for globes – tons of images. Unless there’s a specific process you have to follow to find the images.

    I love that the ruler says “Scarlet” – especially since I refer to her as Queen Scarlet sometimes!

    • aguasulis says:

      I kept wondering how I missed the word/name on the ruler. Thank you for pointing out what should have been an obvious association to me. So cool how she manifested in my creation!!!

      Michele Esser

      Sent from my iPhone

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