Card #3 – The Artist

The ArtistThis card represents my artist within and I am thrilled I found the image of a child’s hand covered in paint because that’s how I feel when I’m working on my art – I am a child on a rainy day with all those finger paints.  My mom never let me get too messy in the house as a child and art wasn’t something that really figured into my daily childhood activities unless I was with my Dad’s Mom who let me use her REAL GROWN UP art supplies.  Oh how I loved that as a child.  Anyway, there is one memory that really sticks out and it’s a rainy day when I was about 5 or so and my mom gave me finger paints to keep me entertained. 

I’m learning how to not be so rigid in my art and am starting to explore more and more.  This project is really helping me push beyond those barriers.  Thus the image of the abstract female face represents me – grown up.  The can of pens and brushes represents the organized side of me that needs to have everything in its place when it’s time to create – actually – being honest, it just needs to all be in its place PERIOD or I go crazy. 

The painter crawling around represents me making this card.  It seemed appropriate – like a small tribute to my unconscious that is leading me on this collage journey.

The butterflies are purposefully coming out of the different colors of paint, representing how the creation process, starts with an idea, undergoes a process of metamorphosis, and then is.  Aside from that, I just needed to add butterflies since they are appearing throughout my life right now spontaneously and unexpected.  It could be the result of remaining a caterpillar for so long – but that’s another story and several cards I’ve yet to create.

My only complaint with this card is it doesn’t include images relating to any of my usual mediums: beading, stamping, quilting – but how the heck I was going to get all of that into just one little card was overwhelming.  I went with a simple message instead.  Get messy, honor your inner spirit and you inner child, and amazing things will emerge during the joyful process.


One thought on “Card #3 – The Artist

  1. Ken (Calamus) says:

    Alright!!! I am leaving a comment on your blog;-) First off I want to address how carefully chosen your images and colors are. This might relate to your usual art mediums. So as you say, even though they are not recorded in the images you chose, they are there on a deeper symbolic level. They are present in your choice of design.

    I agree with your need to be organized. I feel my own organization supports my freedom to create. I feel all my tools need to be displayed like a pallet. I believe this supports imagination,not hinders it.

    I could not help but notice the butterflies. They hold a special meaning to me as well. Transformation is a powerful magick to wield. And ART IS transformative. So not only do our ideas o through metamorphosis, we also become something else through the process. We should share butterfly stories sometime.

    What is that little figure all about, with the sweater the looks like an igloo? My first impression was that he was prostrate and humble before ART.

    Through formal education I feel most people learn how not to be artists. They lose touch with themselves and their EYE. We learn not to see. We fail to make abstract connections with the symbols that crop up around us. What you have done is gotten in touch with that original child impression of art and brought to the present.

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