Awesome Project

Miranda, Amelia, and I spent Thanksgiving in Sacramento with Jessica and her family this year.   Our main themes for the week were simple – art, food, and fun.  We declared early on in the week that we were on a mission.  Our only goal — to create.  We started with a stack of potential projects and a garage and suitcase full of art supplies.  We picked the first project on Sunday night – stamping on dominoes.  We never stopped the rest of the week….

Jessica calls this the art project of the century and I think her title is correct.  Our inspiration and basic guidelines were from an article in Somerset Studio several years old.  (I will post a comment later with the details as I am unable to locate the copy of the article now.  I definitely want to give credit to the author as her directions were awesome.)  What made the project perfect is the fact that it provided us small “canvases” that were easy to complete quickly.  Quick is a requirement with a 15 month old running under your feet.  It’s also a requirement once the 15 month old has gone to bed and you’re tired out by all that toddler energy.  The project was also awesome because it could be enjoyed by everyone – the adults as well as Miranda and Amelia, who are 9 and 11.  The first few craft nights we went through nearly all the dominoes I brought with me.  So we had to get more and ended up purchasing a box of dominoes for each family member.  Miranda and Jessica stamped all of their dominos with the remainder of the week and Miranda completed all of hers – coloring and all.   I’m happy to say I have more blank dominoes I am saving to play with when I need an easy to complete, very satisfying, quick indulgence.

Finally, what makes this project awesome is using the recommended Prismacolor pens to color the stamped images — especially the use of the alcohol based blender pens.  Until this project, I had never had the pleasure of using these pens.  I am now addicted and praying Santa will fulfill my wish for a set of 48 on Christmas morning.  The blender turns the ink from the markers into watercolors.  The color from the pens is so vibrant and then you get to create gradation with the blenders as well as splotches and texture.  These pens are expensive, but well worth the investment.  I even used them successfully on canvas while I was playing one afternoon.

Here are the results of our first night and a special project I did for my altar.  I hope you are inspired by our efforts.


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