What a Girl Wants…

The theme for this ATC is “What a Girl Wants.”  It turned out to be a very small swap with only 3 participants.  My partner for this swap is from my home state of Oregon.

Several ideas popped into my mind – shoes, chocolate, glitz and glam – but then I saw some cute 1950s vintage ephemera at one of my favorite stores here in Beaverton, the Peddler’s Pack.  You can find them online at https://www.peddlerspack.com/.  I fell in love with the image that is the focus of my card – a handsome, clean-cut man with a “honey do” list.

 To make, I sponged the background with pink ink and then stamped a simple geometric pattern stamp on top in the same color for some extra interest.  The difference isn’t noticable in the photo at all and it’s extremely subtle.  If I were to do it again, I would use a slightly darker pink so it would stand out a little more.

Next I positioned the man diagonally, and added the phrase in parts.  I tied some hemp string in a similar burgundy color as the man’s tie and added the charms.  I used a fine point gold paint pen to outline the “honey do” list.  I coated the whole card at this point with Mod Podge and let it dry.

The card sat on my desk for a couple of days.  I felt it was missing something, but I didn’t know exactly what.  I didn’t want  to take away from the image, but I wanted to tone down the pink.  I wanted it to look a little more vintage as well.  At one point, I thought of stamping on top of the pink sides, but was too worried to try it for fear it would be too overwhelming and unchangeable if I didn’t like it.  I also didn’t like the way the charms hung.  They dangled too much.

While cleaning up my desk and looking through some stickers, I discovered the little “asterisk” stickers.  These were white and perfect.  I added them – but the draw back was their brightness.  So I took a deep breath, grabbed a tissue, and squirted walnut ink onto the whole card.  Where the Mod Podge didn’t completely cover the card, dark smudges formed and the asterisk stickers were instantly antiqued.  The overall effect made it look like the card was made in the 1950s and I’m happy with the result.  I wiped away any extra walnut ink so the card didn’t get too dark.

Lastly I used some gold wire to position the charms more deliberately.  In the end, there’s no question what’s the key to my heart, what I want…”a man with dishpan hands.”


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