"C" is for "Coffee"

This card I started with a decorative paper base.  I really liked the swirly, lime green/yellow paper because it had a 70s “hip” feeling.  I stamped a piece of yellow cardstock with the coffee stamp and embossed it with fine powder to bring out the detail.  Next I used a 3/16 punch to make the edges of the stamped square look like a stamp.  I stamped the coffee cup on copper paper and embossed with fine powder too.  Then I cut slits between the “steam” so that it looked like actual steam coming out.

I stamped the background on the left with my bean stamp and decided that the stamp needed a little more contrast from the background so I layered it with the same copper paper that I used for the coffee cup.  I have the magnetic stamp “rummage” alphabet from Making Memories and that’s what I used to stamp the words coffee onto the background.  The last “e” is upside down on purpose for an added touch of whimsy.  Using that alphabet is a challenge because everything needs to be placed onto the magnet in reverse and I stamped over and over on a scrap piece of paper to get it right.  Last I decided that with all the dimension of the stamp and the cup, the words needed some dimension too so I tore out one of the practice coffee words and placed it onto the background.

The whole card was then mounted onto an ATC blank for strength.  In the end, I decided the copper paper and the yellow, plus the embossing were a little too bright and shiny for the retro look I wanted with the paper so I used a little walnut ink to dab onto the stamp to antique it.  I used pads in two different shades of copper to darken the edges of the stamp, the word coffee, and the ATC further.  Lastly, to protect the whole card, rather than using Mod Podge like I traditionally like to use for sealing, I sprayed the whole card with Krylon Matte Sealer.  This toned down the copper paper and the embossing.  My very last step was to give one of the beans dimension with a pop dot.

I’m very happy with the result and was even more excited to find out that my partner for this swap is in Australia!  I have never sent any mail internationally before this and I’m really looking forward to hearing what she thinks.


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