"Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo" Challenge

This week I completed my 2nd group swap and first “challenge.”  The rules were simple, complete one of each – an “inchie,”       “twinchie,” ATC, and bookmark.  The choice to make them related was optional.  Obviously, I decided to relate them and I’m happy with this set inspired by vintage flower faeries.  This set goes to a group member in Minnesota.

I didn’t start this project with the faeries in mind, but rather started with the rubber stamped, water colored purple and green background.  I guess I chose the green because the profile of my partner mentioned loving anything Peridot because it’s her birthstone.   The stamp comes from Paula Best.  I used my watercolor crayons to apply the paint and I love how everything blended together perfectly.  The backgrounds of each item are stamped with the same “Swirly, Swirly” stamp.  I tend towards the whimsical in my art and so, while the color was picked because of my partner’s preference, the background is all me.

I wish I had more of these flower faeries.  They’re so beautiful and the more I worked with them, the more I liked the images, colors, and designs.  This is the first time I’ve ever created an “inchie”.   I do have to say that I found the 1×1 size a bit limiting and I think that I need more practice.  That being said, I think the oversized dragonfly captures the whimsical feeling that I tried to show in this challenge.  The dragonfly is a transparency, so the background shows through nicely.  I added the gold to make it stand out a bit more from the background, but if I were to criticize anything it would be that I wish my pen had an even finer point. 

A happy accident happened on the skirt of the faerie.  I used a pink metallic gel pen to highlight the creases in her skirt and when I coated the entire piece with a thin protective layer of Mod Podge, the gel ink bled and spread over the skirt.  This toned down the purple in her skirt which helped her to stand out more from the background.  I’ll definitely be playing with blending my gel pens and the designs made with them in the future using Mod Podge. 

The “twinchie” was a much easier size for me to work with and I’m pretty happy with the result.  It is very similar to the ATC; however, the ATC is my favorite of the entire set.   I really love the contrast in the ATC and perhaps it’s simply that I’ve been doing ATCs for a while now so I feel the most comfortable with them.  Both are sealed with Mod Podge.

Finally we have the bookmark.  This was the 2nd most challenging piece of the set.  In fact, it had the opposite issue for me that the inchie did – the book mark seemed too big.  I started with a tag that was almost 4″ wide x 6″ long.  Once I got everything layered onto the card so that you see music flowing from the faerie’s flute and the music is blooming, and once I got the whole thing sealed with Mod Podge, I whacked it down to 2″ x 6″.   The result is much more pleasing to the eye, in my opinion and it goes with the collection much better.  The fibers attached to the bookmark are hand-dyed and much, much more vibrant than shown in the photo.

I’m really glad I’m blogging about these pieces of art.  This way I’ll always have a memory of my creations.  It was really hard to send these faeries on their way.


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