"Snow Angel" Altered Tin

I just sent this off to a swapper in Florida, which is kind of funny given that it is all about snow – something Florida never sees.  Perhaps that was part of why I chose this theme.  The other reason is because I’m really longing for snow.  I love snow and we haven’t had any yet here in Portland.  I don’t need a lot – just a few inches would make me really happy. 

This is only the 2nd altered tin I’ve ever done.  For this project I used the ever handy Altoid tin.  I did some research online before I started to find out about preparing the tin and was surprised to find that I didn’t have to sand the tin first.  All you have to do is cover the tin in gesso and let it dry – which is the foundation coat on my tin.  Given the snow theme, I didn’t really need to do much more.  After coating the outside with gesso, I used my snow flake stamp and stamped with acrylic paint in three different shades of blue for the background.   The various shades are difficult to make out in the photo.  Next I placed a picture of an angel statue in a winter landscape on the lid and added the letters for “snow”.  The final element is a transparency I made with one of my angel stamps.  So the letters + the picture spell out the title of the work – “snow angel”.  I ran some silver German scrap from ArtChixStudio.com around the lip of the lid.  I used some Rub and Buff for silver sparkle around the edges of the outside of the tin and the edges of the angel picture.  Once everything was dry, I coated the whole thing with Mod Podge to seal it and once that was dry, I took some iridescent calligraphy ink and spread it around the angel picture again.

On the inside of the tin’s lid, I first placed a page from a book and then applied the lighter shades of blue acrylic and then white acrylic using a dry brush technique.  I adhered the three snow flakes (K & Co) onto the page.  I covered the inner lip of the lid with Rub and Buff and when everything was dry, I added the Mod Podge and iridescent ink to seal as I had done on the outer portions of the tin. 

In the main inner portion of the tin, I placed this funky vintage image to which I first added wings on top of some cloudy vellum.  The entire inner part of the tin was coated with silver Rub and Buff first and then the vellum collage was placed on top.  The darker silvery base enhanced the clouds in the vellum.  Plastic snow flakes were next glued to the collage along with the word “angel” across the bottom.  Rub & Buff was applied to the snow flakes to make them silver rather than white.  Again, the image depicts a “snow angel.”

These pictures came out quite a bit more yellow than what the tin is in real life.   I need to find a better way to photograph these pieces of art so that I am able to capture their true colors.  The whole project is done in a pretty monochromatic scheme of white, off-white, and silver plus the accent color of blue.  If anyone has some tips and tricks about photographing your art, please comment here and I’ll try the suggestions out.

All in all, I am pleased with the result and hope I was able to send a little piece of winter to my swap partner.   Let it snow!


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