"D" is for "Dream"

The inspiration for this ATC in the alphabet series swap came from my “D” is for “Dream” stamp prominently displayed on the card.  The rest just fell into place.

I have a book called “1001 Dreams” which gives traditional meaning to images and situations in dreams.  It has really cool funky images inside and so I cut out the image of the hero roping the moon from that book.  The main paint around the image and the blue background was done with Twinking H2Os. 

The frame around the image was created by slicing up a used gift card with a xacto knife and then using a heat gun to soften the plastic and peel it back.  I saw this technique in Expressions Art magazine (unfortunately no longer in print) many years ago.  The plastic becomes very pliable when heated but doesn’t melt.  It also doesn’t become too hot, so you can manipulate the plastic with your bare hands.  As it cools, it hardens again and holds any shape you give it.   I forgot how much fun this technique was and will probably be using it a lot more in the future.   To me, it was a perfect technique to use for this card and it represents a “peeling” back of the mind to reveal the subconscious beneath – the dream.  Once heated and peeled, the plastic was painted with gesso.  When the gesso dried, I painted the entire card with dark blue acrylic paint, added gold Rub n Buff to the outer edges, and then iridescent calligraphy ink to the peels.  The iridescent ink was also added around the image of the moon catcher to brighten it up.

I stamped the “D is for Dream” image with Staz On ink onto glittered Tissue paper.   Next I glued it to a scrap of watercolor paper and painted it with teal & turquoise Twinking H2O paint.  I used the iridescent ink to fill in the D and make it stand out and added gold Rub n Buff to the edges.  For strength, I glued the D to the frame with E-6000.  The whole card was sealed with glossy Mod Podge.

I have to admit that this ATC was hard to send away.  I am very happy with the end result.  The lucky recipient is in Herndon, VA.


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