Mixed Media ATC

For this ATC, the challenge was to use at least 3 different media/techniques in the ATC.  It was a pretty easy challenge for me, because I almost always use multiple techniques per ATC.  I love the look of layered collage. 

I’ve been purchasing and saving collage images from ArtChixStudio for a while now and knew this was the perfect project to start dipping into my supply of vintage images.  I chose this particular image because I liked the gaze of the woman in the picture.  I also liked the big teal bow in her hair and used that as the color prompt for my palate.  My swap partner’s profile said that she likes jewel tones so I knew that she’d probably really enjoy the scheme.

First step was to lay down the teal color.  For this I used a mixture of teal green and turquoise Twinkling H2Os.  This is rapidly becoming my favorite watercolor paint because of the iridescent pearl appearance and yet vivid color.  These paints mix very well and you can easily lay down a little or a lot of color depending on what look you want to achieve.  Next I adhered the paper with the purple background and writing onto the ATC blank using my favorite glue – Mod Podge.  I tore the paper revealing the white core and then painted the edge with the same teal paint I used first.  I layered white mulberry paper on next and chose a very thin piece so you can see the two backgrounds underneath.

Initially, I just cut out the portrait of the woman – rectangular image with off-white background and placed it on a diagonal but I decided it would look better if I cut away the background and it would make the teal in her bow stand out more.  So once I cut this out, I glued her onto the layered background.  Next came the ribbon and ribbon charm which were also glued onto the background using Mod Podge.  Last, I took the metal disk I had in my stash, also from ArtChixStudio and marked it so I could cut the sides away.  Once cut away, I glued the metal piece and the clock charm onto the corner of the card.  I think it looks like a fan.

My other new paint obsession is using iridescent calligraphy ink.  If you have never used this before, go buy yourself a bottle.  It is the COOLEST stuff.  I applied the iridescent into to the sides of the ATC, to the metal piece and along the edges of the teal bow on the image of the woman for contrast.  Lastly, I used a little gold Rub and Buff (rapidly becoming another favorite of mine) to tone down the silver iridescence and complement the gold in the ribbon and the image giving the whole piece a balanced look.

This ATC went to Pittsburgh, PA this morning.


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