Ex Marks the Spot ATC

This was a fun ATC exchange found by my friend Kelly.  I agree completely with her that I couldn’t let this one pass me by.  Talk about art therapy. 

Each participant in this exchange made an ATC based on an “ex.”  The card could represent the “ex”, the relationship, your feelings towards your “ex”, etc.  When I told my friend Sherry about the whole thing, she came up with the voodoo doll idea and even found some really old pictures of my ex.  The one I chose shows him goofing off for the camera and showing off his 2nd love in life – beer.  (His first love is himself).  Anyway, I kept the card simple.   I didn’t want to get too carried away just in case our two daughters happen to see my creation.

I’ll spare everyone the details of the drama that brought about the end of our 13 year marriage.  In many ways, I’m very much over the anger and the pain.  I don’t wish his death or his demise, but sometimes he is a real jerk.  I would be lying if I didn’t admit some thrill during the creation process of this card — especially when I poked the pins into his little paper heart.

Upon reflection, I realized that the voodoo doll is a pretty good metaphor for our relationship now.  The voodoo doll is used as a way of performing magical manipulation.  The creator/owner of the doll inflicts discomfort and pain upon the subject – but never worse.  Poke here, prod there – we take jabs at one another – and this is (sadly) the extent of our relationship now when we get beyond casual conversation.

Honestly, I could have done many collages of the good moments in our marriage and the great things that resulted from our union – mainly our two beautiful, intelligent daughters.  This project allowed me to also to create elaborate mental collages of the aspects of our relationship which I still treasure and miss.    I might someday follow through with their actual creation.  For now, though, I am choosing a more humorous (and sightly revengeful) representation of my feelings and my ex.


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