Use a Sticker ATC

When I saw this ATC swap, I had to participate.  I understand the general consensis that slapping a sticker onto background paper is NOT an ATC and I support actively reminding people of the difference between a well thought-out design and no design at all.  It’s all about effort.  Now this isn’t to say that simple designs aren’t art – of course they can be.  And art is subjective.  I guess the bottom line is – for me – when I look at a work of art (or at ATCs) the question of whether or not a design “works,” which translates to my mind, my emotions respond to the piece.  In the end, it’s really a big fat grey area indeed.

The first picture here is the original ATC I created and then ended up not sending because I was unhappy with the wrinkles in the vellum and consequently the base of the card from my attempts to smooth them out.  A good tip – don’t use diamond glaze for layering vellum — it gets too stiff.  I’m kind of sad I couldn’t bring myself to send this version to my partner because I really like the colors and the texture (except for wrinkles).

So the second picture is the ATC I did send to my partner.  Same theme, same rose sticker – but different elements.  I am happy with this card too and, yeah, NO wrinkles!


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