No Paper Allowed

For this swap, the goal was to not use ANY paper at all.  One of my partners sent me a textured piece of copper and another sent me a clear piece of plastic, stamped with an image and a sticker placed on top.  I thought of doing a fabric ATC until I went to the store and picked up some Alcohol Inks.  I’ve been trying to work up the courage to try these inks out and I have to tell you that it was worth the wait.  AND if you are thinking of trying them out too but are feeling tentative like I did, DON’T wait!  They are surprisingly easy to use and the effects are amazing.  Basically they work best on a smooth/glossy surface.  After playing with them for a few hours, I knew I wanted to use them in this swap. 

Several weeks ago, I purchased some really cool transparency sheets.  So I used these and dropped the ink onto them after I trimmed the sheets down to ATC size.  In addition to the ink, I purchased some of the blending solution and I have to warn you that it will “push” aside your ink if you drop this ink onto your piece.  It’s much more potent than the ink is and it spreads faster too.  If you love prismacolor pens, these liquid inks work the same way and will work in conjunction with prismacolor pens on your project.  Basically the ink is the same.  So you can do detail work with the prismacolor where the liquid ink is more for effect.

To preserve the alcohol ink on your projects long term, make sure you seal your work (or the area of your work where the ink is applied) with a water based sealer like Mod Podge.  There is a lot of cool techniques and uses for this ink and I’m just scratching the surface.  See Ranger Inks for more information and direction.

Here are the two ATCs I made for this project.   They’re actually two transparency pieces layered together with diamond glaze.  The ink is on the bottom piece.  I love the stained glass result.  In addition to these two ATCs, I’m in the process of making some awesome coasters and will post the set of those here when they are finished.


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