Roses In January

I’ve been waiting to post this because I wanted to be certain my partner had received the package before I reveal my interpretation of the January challenge “Roses In January” from one of my groups on Swap-Bot:  The Swapping Artist.  I’ve been so into collage that I could have easily done a collage piece for this theme, but I decided to get outside of the box a little.  I decided to do jewelry project once I saw the tiny Altoid-Minis tins.  ADDICTIVE! 

This piece came with some bumps in the road – and I tore it completely apart and started over twice, but the effort was worth the reward.   A little wise advice – diamond glaze in large quantity doesn’t dry clear; however, UTEE does.  I also liked the layered effect I achieved with the UTEE – so I put the first image inside the tin and added UTEE and melted.  Once I built up a glassy layer, I added the next item and repeated until I covered everything in layers I wanted to include in the center.

One thing I didn’t like about the mini tin was the lettering is embossed fairly deeply – so to cover this up, I applied a layer of 1/4 inch masking tape in a random pattern all across the back and sides.  Then I covered the masking tape to seal it with gesso.  The gesso was too white so I sprayed the whole back with walnut ink.  Walnut ink has been kind of a thorn in my side – but not knowing ahead of time HOW to use the stuff has led to happy accidents.  The texture on the back of this pendant, for instance, turned out to look like warn textured leather – but it’s not what I expected.  You see, walnut ink doesn’t dry by itself on anything except paper – so once I realized that the back of my beautiful pendant wasn’t going to dry – I dumped clear embossing powder on it and prayed.  Thank goodness for craft miracles because this did dry the walnut ink, make it adhere to the tape and gesso backing, AND has a very cool texture too!

I’ll be making more of these soon because I definitely want one for myself.


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