My Favorite Dali

For this swap, the receiver chose the artist.  The ATC was supposed to be based upon the chosen artist, his/her style, etc.  My partner chose Salvador Dali.  I was very excited to get to create my own version of my favorite Dali painting – Persistence of Memory — hence the title of my ATC, “My Favorite Dali.” 

The ATC is simple with a water colored background.  I painted shapes and with colors similar to the original.  The tree is made from twisted craft wire shaped similar to the focal dead tree in the original painting.  The melted clock was created by carving a circle out of an old gift card, heating it and pulling it until the shape and elongation seemed right.  Then gesso was applied to make the clock face white.  Numbers and clock hands added in black permanent ink.  The clock was edged with a gold paint pen.

I am really pleased with the result and heard that my partner loved receiving my mini “dali-esque” ATC.


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