Artist Inspiration Challenge

The goal of this swap was to send your partner a piece of art done on one of the mini-canvases that are all the rage right now.  Some small piece of art to “inspire.”  I had a great time doing this swap and received an awesome piece as well. 

One of the biggest obstacles for me as an artist has always been confidence — hence the theme of my inspiration piece.  It has been the fear that has kept me from creating for years and I still occasionally experience it even now.   I used to approach art timidly, fearing that I just wasn’t good enough – that anything I would create wasn’t art because no one had dubbed me an artist.  I’m happy to say that I’ve grown enough that I am confident – but this is a self – confidence.  It’s not pride, but rather a calm attitude that, like all of life, art is a journey and I’m a traveler.  I don’t need to lead the pack.    The crown signifies the inner strength I’ve developed.  The butterfly, often seen in my creations, represents transformation (naturally) and the little key represents confidence.  Confidence is the key and it is beautiful because it comes from within.  Be confident!


One thought on “Artist Inspiration Challenge

  1. Okay, I admit to “peeking!” You are my partner on Swap-bot for the altered teacup pincushion, and I thought I’d get a sneak preview of what you made for me. So I have to remain in the dark, but that’s okay. I am writing to tell you I am pleasantly surprised by your artwork. Not that I expected something awful, but some of the swaps I have received in the past leave something to be desired in the maker’s ability level. I love what I’ve seen of your work so far on here. Okay, carry on!

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