Junkmail Journal

This last week one of my swap partners LASummer sent me some awesome recycled vinyl.  I thought that this vinyl would make great journal covers.  In our exchange, I mentioned that I just started making junkmail journals, rather than buying brand new expensive journals.  So I’m posting this idea to share with you all.  I can’t take all the credit for the idea at all.  My inspiration to paint on junk mail came from Alisa Burke who is behind my new goal of first looking around my house for creative re-use ideas before buying new.  I took a class with Alisa this summer and loved every minute of it.  I encourage everyone to read her blog.

To begin, I simply painted wonderful graffiti backgrounds onto both sides of the junk mail circular ads that come to my house weekly.  I use JoAnn’s cheap acrylic paint and splash colors across the pages.  This is a great way to try out new color combinations and most importantly, to have messy fun.  Once everything is dry, I sewed them together with funky fibers I’ve been saving.  I just used simple book binding stitches found during a google search of how to bind a book.  My journal is really one signature sewn together with the fibers.  This picture shows the cover and fibers, plus some of the pretty color combinations I did on my pages.

Once sewn together, it’s time to journal.  I just started journaling inside recently and have only one completed page – but here it is.  The main theme of the page is “THINK” before you run out and buy something new!  Why not use what you have???



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