The Coven

It’s almost October and that means it’s time for Halloween!  Halloween is by far my absolute favorite holiday.  Here in Oregon, it grows dark and the leaves change and fall to the ground.  Sometimes we get our first frost.  I can always tell when October is rolling around because the number of spiders and webs outside multiply.  My girls and I joke about not needing to decorate because these creatures do all the work for us.  Unfortunately, it does make for unexpected surprises when rushing out the door to get everyone to school in the morning.  If only those spiders would weave their webs on the outskirts of our front walkway.

This piece is a collage that I’ve called “The Coven”.  I made it for a swap in my Swapping Artist group – “Spooktacular”.   I started with canvas board and adhered several pieces of torn paper from an arabic text and some music.  I liked the way the characters looked and I didn’t want words in particular in the background.  Music seemed appropriate because my coven would be singing naturally.  Next I painted the background grey using a dry brush and quick swipes.  Enough for color but still leaving the text showing through.  Then I found the images of my witches and glued them on top of the background with gel medium.  Once they were in place, I used gesso and covered their modern attire and gave a very light thin touch to their faces to soften their details.

Next came painting the robes and then the hair and the facial features.  The robes were done using more acrylic paint and the features and hair was done with a variety of materials – colored pencils, watercolor crayons, micron pens, pencil, etc.  I added the pentacle around the central witches neck – but I made this subtle because I didn’t want it to stick out too much.  Lastly, the back and grey were added around the coven and the moon was added too.   These ladies are standing together under the light of the full moon – illuminated only by the moon’s light.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but I really need to take a class on drawing faces so I can be more confident in highlighting and drawing facial features.  I will make that a new goal for myself.  I’m sure it’s practice – practice – practice. 

Anyway, Happy Halloween!


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