Lovin’ Orange and Turquoise

This 4×4 canvas piece is my debut back into swapping after a year hiatus.  The swap is from my favorite group “The Swapping Artist.”  Our task – create an original piece of art using only Orange, Turquoise, Yellow, or Green.  Given that it’s February, I decided to go with a “love” theme.  I’ve been doodling a good deal lately, so I created the background with Sharpie on a gessoed canvas, then I painted it using Twinking H2Os on top of acrylic paint.  I used the same kind of paint on the dominos and the detail work is also done with a Sharpie.  Lastly I added the letters to spell “Love”.  Concerned with protecting the Twinkling H2Os from chipping, I sealed the whole thing with Krylon crystal clear sealer.  I will caution – Krylon doesn’t play well with Sharpie.  Thus, some of my details blurred more than I intended.  This might be the effect you want, but I was a bit surprised since I was going for a crisp look.  Overall, though, I’m happy with the piece.

My hiatus?  I bought my first home.  It’s a goal I’ve had since my divorce 8 years ago.  I wanted to have a home of my own and be done with apartment living by 40.  Magically, I achieved this a year ahead of schedule.  I have lots of room now and finally feel at home.


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