“Spring” ATC

I started swapping art by making Artist Trading Cards (ATC).  There is something so inviting and so un-inhibiting about the 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 size.  Even my daughters got into making them at one point.  If ever you’re struggling to find your muse or re-energize your creativity, the ATC will certainly help realign you and re-center you with your creative spirit and path.

This particular ATC was made for a swap with a book page theme and needed to contain a part of a book page.  I used a book page as the background in my ATC.

Living in Oregon, where the winters are wet and dark, I get Spring fever worse and worse it seems as the years go on.  So around February and March, everything I am doing tends to involve greenery and flowers and bright and pastel colors.  I’ve been saving the image of the women cut from a fashion magazine for a while now and I decided to incorporate it into this piece.  It gives the piece some rhythm and adds an element of surprise because it’s unexpected.  It also reminds me of an army of women marching for a cause – in this case they’re unified in celebration of Spring – marching in honor of the returning goddess and transformation after a long Winter’s rest.


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