12/10/12 Journal Page – No Trespassing

No Trespassing I’ve been working mainly on my art journals this year and have participated in several swaps trading pages and journals.  It’s been a very healthy process and I have grown a lot as an artist.  Most of my journal pages deal with the moods that I’m experiencing at the moment.  I always wanted to journal growing up but when I would sit down, I felt silly cataloging my days chronologically like a travel log.  What I’ve learned is that art journaling allows me a much freer expression and rather than being forced to say everything, I am able to focus on only a few things or even one thing and provide that one thing a lot of detail, focus and attention.  Somehow, this is very freeing for me.  I feel too that it has helped me grow as a writer.

The page was added to an altered book.  I gessoed the page background to start and then added the yellow swirls.  Next I found images which express what I am feeling.  The fence seemed perfect to illustrated the strained communication between the man and the woman.  Then I added them in opposition to one another distanced and separated by the barrier.  The man is struggling with his thoughts and the woman is hiding in the dark, masked, but beautiful.  She just wants him to look at her and see her as she is.  She wants him to get beyond the mask.  I used blue for his background and orange for hers because they’re compliments.  They also nicely add a little element of flow between them.  The color was all created using watercolor.  The phrasing and details around the outside of the page were created using Sharpie and the journaling is done in pencil so it is much softer than the Sharpie.


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