Unexpected Subject

prompt 2One of the gifts of journaling, especially when done frequently or regularly, is that it surfaces things that have been lingering in the background. Things that cross your mind for brief seconds or that linger in your subconscious suddenly need recognition. The next thing you know, if you’re working intuitively and you’re open, you’re creating a pieces of art about these seemingly unimportant subjects. Sometimes the subject is something you’ve avoided because it’s painful. I’ve journaled a great deal about my divorce and my pain of loss, but I’ve never created art about it until today.

The prompt for today stumped me since I read it yesterday. I didn’t know what to write about, what images to choose to illustrate my feelings or insight about the prompt. So I opened my box of images and started searching for inspiration. I pulled several and little by little I started to think about memory being the ghost (Kelly’s own example page served as a guide). And I thought about what memories I have that haunt me. Then I found the image of the two people sharing a private moment over coffee and it reminded me of my ex husband and I in the early years of our marriage. One thing I can say for certain is that my love for him was real and true and after all these years, it’s the one thing that I will always have. I have those good memories.

I recently started dating and naturally, this has brought up memories of times long past. Our marriage might have had a dark ending, but there was once a good deal of light. I will always remember those days, those moments. Today this unexpected subject became art.


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