Doing a little catching up tonight.  I have two pages to complete.  The basic task here was to use the images as inspiration for the marks you make on the page.  I usedPrompt 4 the red on the climber’s equipment to rubberstamp.  I also used white for my lettering because of the snow on the mountains.  I do wish I had written the word “yearning” first and then stamped, but this is what this class is helping to teach.  Journaling this regular helps you learn through the process.  My journaling is about struggling to make ends meet financially.  I feel like I’m continually climbing and there isn’t any end in sight and it is so easy to lose me footing and drop.  I am surprised by how much this process is getting me to write about subjects I typically leave in the back of my mind, rarely shedding light or emphasis on them.  Perhaps journaling daily is something I have needed to do all along?


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