Holding on tight…

Prompt 15Even though this page doesn’t have a lot of journaling, I think that I was able to capture the emotion behind the words that I didn’t say – in other words, I think that I may have been able to evoke what I wanted to say with the images and layout.  I am really pleased with how this turned out.  The goal was to repeat shapes – their positive and negative as well as journal on them – but I chose to journal around them.


2 thoughts on “Holding on tight…

  1. I’ve promised an artsy friend that I’d start art journaling this year; a resolution of sorts. I’m a little anxious about how to begin, but I’ve made the commitment so perhaps someday soon I’ll post something myself. I love your pages. They’re so expressive!

    • aguasulis says:

      Thank you! It is worth the time and there are great resources and sources of inspiration. I wish you the best of luck on your art journaling journey.

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