So much journaling to do…

…so little time.

I can’t believe that it’s already January 23.  I just completed prompt 19 this evening.  I’m still behind, but what I’m finding is that sitting down to work on these pages is becoming ritualistic.  I am even getting cranky if I am not getting my time to make my daily page.  They say that adults need to do things for at least twenty-somthing days before it becomes a habit and I actually am beginning to see this process as becoming habitual; but not the dull and boring kind, the nurturing and soul-feeding kind.  It’s meditative to think about the prompt when I sort through my images.  It’s challenging to get everything arranged onto the page using the template provided by the instructor and my own intuitive sense of design.  But the reward is the surprising words and feelings that come out when I actually get to writing on the page.

I haven’t posted in a couple of days mostly because I decided it was more important to keep journaling than to be consistent with my blogging.  Plus my blog posts were getting a bit boring.  The pages themselves really said everything.  This group of pages does as well.  They’re very powerful and have surfaced some feelings that have surprised me, things I have needed to say aloud for sometime.

The techniques used to make these pages are the same as the previous in the series.  The formula of using paper rather than paint holds true for them all.  It’s the topics that vary and for the rest, all I can say is that you should definitely take the time yourself in one of Kelly’s classes.  I’m learning so much in such a short period and most of it hasn’t even begun to sink in and filter out into my art.  Traces yes, but nothing earth shattering yet – it’s all percolating in my artist brain.

Prompt 16    Prompt 19  Prompt 18Prompt 17


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