Finding Balance

I don’t know about you, but in my life things happen in series.  What’s truly amazing is that I can reflect back on the last couple of months and see how everything I was doing was leading up to this one incredible moment in time.  I even had signs along the way which told me that YES you are on the right path – keep doing exactly what you are doing.  In short, I have been following my gut.

But even in the most incredible of moments in life, things still can seem out of balance or can get out of balance.  This journal entry celebrates so much and at the same time, I feel like I am spinning and one slip I will fall down.  I have long been encapsulated within my chrysalis waiting for everything to be right, waiting to emerge, and then I realized that if I kept mediating on the emergence it would never come.  Finally, I simply had to crawl out and spread my wings.  It took a while for me to adjust – the sun was bright, the air was crisp and at times the currents were too strong for me to fly.  I crashed a few times, repeating old habits and behaviors, but then when I least expected it – I arrived.

The girl in this focal image is spinning and she’s reaching up and touching the butterfly.  This is me.  I’ve reached out and surprisingly grasped my soul.  I can see it clearly now, clearer than ever before.  I am complete in this moment.

I know that I will need to move from this place to continue my journey, living and learning and growing, just like I had to crawl out of the dark safety of the cocoon I emerged from.  I anticipate it will be exactly what I’m truly meant to be doing and achieving in this life.  What a beautiful realization and maturation!

Blessed Be.


6 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. This is a beautiful image and the phrase “find balance” is one well worth keeping in mind.

    The paradox of this image and message, though, is that, on a literal level you would think the girl is anything but balanced – clinging firmly yet desperately to a butterfly taking her away to God-knows-where.

    This is, I think, the paradox of spiritual balance. It’s never static, and always risky.

    • aguasulis says:

      I didn’t think of it that way, but what you say makes perfect sense and adds another layer. Thank you for sharing your insight.

  2. This post was lovely! It resonated with me 100% I’ve always considered myself a late bloomer, this was a source of discontent for a while until I learned to trust, trust that things happen for a reason and that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

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