Re-Invigorating this Site

imageHello followers and art friends!

It’s been a while since I posted to this site and I realize in hind sight that I should never ever have stopped.  But the nature of hind sight is being able to analyze our decisions yesterday with the wisdom of today.  I frankly never saw this coming, so alas, here we are.

A little background:  Two years ago I received a fabulous Valentine’s day present – really it was the best Valentine’s day present since the birth of my daughter Amelia who was born 15 years ago – my boyfriend purchased a domain for me –  So I started using for everything and let my WordPress sites go dormant.  Fast forward two years and we break up and he turns off my domain.  Granted, I am the idiot who never transferred it to my name before the breakup – but it was seriously one of the lowest things anyone has ever done to me. is on everything.  So here I am scrambling for what to do, because I frankly don’t have the time or the money to pursue him legally.  Every time I think about the whole situation my blood boils and I frankly don’t want to think about it anymore.  So I am dusting off and I am moving forward.

So what have I been doing all this time?  I have been exploring turning my art, professional and creative skills into a business.  I’ve been making a lot of art, weaving a lot of wire, teaching, consulting, and doing a great deal of reading and research about running a business.

My theme for the next 6 months is “Explore.”  The loss of my domain has caused me to think outside the box, and it has reminded me that the only thing I can do wrong as a result of the situation is to stop.  I’m simply not someone who gives up.

I look forward to having you on my journey with me and please share your experiences in the comments or on your own blogs.

Lots of love!



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