image3 (1)It has taken me most of the day to decide what to write about this week.  I am currently working on a new journal page and thinking about this last year in retrospect.  Overall, it was a good year despite the loss of a relationship.  In some ways it seems funny to be thinking about the ending of things when so much is just starting or things that were begun a while ago are ramping up.  I’m excited about the future.

image1 (1)
This week I really only worked on one piece.  I guess reflecting on the past has been happening a great deal lately.  I chose the quote that is on this painting with my past in mind – specifically comparing the person I was back when I started college and where I thought I would be to the person that I am now.  When I shared this on Facebook, someone commented that they didn’t like thinking that they were not where they wanted to be.  To me, I am where I want to be, but where I am now is nothing like the future I imagined 25 or so years ago.

image2 (1)
At the beginning of this week, my friend Connie asked me what I think it means to manifest something.  And in my explanation, I mentioned that to manifest, you have to let go.  If ever there was a lesson that returns to me over and over, it’s learning how to let go.  This last year has been full of letting go.  This last week has as well.  In many ways, the Fall
is all about letting go and releasing as much as it is about reflecting.  And then it’s followed by the silent serenity of Winter and the promise of Spring.

I finished the week carving a pumpkin.  I haven’t carved one in years.  It was a great way to conclude the week.

image4 (1)


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