Fear of the Blank Canvas

Earlier this week a good friend of mine and I were discussing painting and she mentioned to me that she struggles with blank canvas anxiety. Every artist struggles with getting started, I told her. Every single one.

Yesterday, I went to Aaron Brothers with my daughter to purchase some frames and stumbled upon a 24 x 24 canvas at a price I could not pass up. It’s pictured here, unwrapped, in all of its potential glory.

I’ve never painted anything this large, but I’m going to. I’ll be sharing the progress with all of you too.

I haven’t made up my mind what I’m going to do to this canvas, but I will share with you several of my go-to techniques for working in journals and on smaller pieces. Stay tuned to see which of these I use.

  • Write on it! Write really big and really messy or small and calculated.
  • Pour paint on it! And bush or brayer in multiple directions!
  • Spray it! Be careful with using water soluble inks – they might bleed through.
  • Scribble on it! Feed that inner child.
  • Collage it! Take a bunch of papers and gel medium and stick!
  • Mask it! Use masking tape here and there or all over. This is an excellent start for some awesome texture.

All my love!


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