Beautiful Dreamer

It seems that when I work in Vintage, I end up twisting it a bit with my world too.  The swap rules were to create a vintage postcard and send to your partner.  Simple rules with lots and lots of room for creative interpretation.

I started with the page from a book I’m currently altering into an art journal.  Next I added the heart transparency and the woman in black and white.  This gave depth.  I couldn’t get over the way she appeared to be looking at something so I decided to make a window – but what would she be looking at?  I started going through my collected images for a picture of a blue sky when I came across the picture of the field with a woman in it.  After I put it all together, I realized that the women seem to be looking at each other.  Happy accident?

What started out as a simple vintage postcard ended up being almost a snapshot of my mental state and the things I am processing on a personal level right now.  I feel at times like the vintage woman peering into a colored world – I’m outside myself and what I am seeing is just a dream.  I have so much gratitude for all that I have and hold close.  I also feel at times like I’m the woman in the field looking internally and seeing parts of me that can use a little color – which is all about feeding my soul.

After last year, it feels so great to be actively creating again on a daily basis.  I’m definitely living in a fabulous dream painting the self I am discovering more and more of each day.