Using a Neutral Palette

This piece was created as part of a series which focuses on using a limited palette.  The only rules are to create a piece that uses only the selected colors and no others.  The palette for this piece is neutral colors.

I’ve been saving some vintage images I purchased from my favorite supply and inspiration source – Art Chix Studio.  After selecting the image, the piece came together rather rapidly.  I collaged the background with vintage papers and foreign text for texture – and noticed after the fact that “memoires” was at the top – hence this became another focal point and the title of the piece.  I added the screen as well for a worn look and simply stapled it onto the piece.  I think it gives it a country feel.   I finished the piece by lightly rubbing gesso here and there with my finger across the screen and around all the sides.  Lastly I embellished it with silver feather-like doodles and a few rhinestone centered paper flowers.

One word of caution, gesso and walnut ink end up making pink when mixed together.  The light touches of pink were unintentional, but I think they ended up being a happy mistake because they add a little bit of warmth to the piece.

Who says that pink can’t be a neutral color?  It goes with nearly everything, doesn’t it?