Card #1 – The Source

The Source

“The Source” is a visual representation of my concept of spirituality. I was worried at first about creating this card – the task of representing my concept of spirituality – my spiritual source – in one card sounded impossible. But while collecting pictures from magazines that caught my eye and felt inspirational, I came across the image that is displayed in the upper left inside a National Geographic magazine article. This image is the ceiling of a mosque at midday. I knew instantly, this would be a key image for my “Source” card. In addition to the light in the image, the geometry on the ceiling seems to emphasize and/or allude to the mathematical and scientific as a bridge to the unknown and the beyond. I did have to trim the image of the ceiling quite alot for it to fit onto the card, but I think that this feeling is still present.

Seena Frost (author of Soul Collage) encourages every cardmaker to create a “Source” card but points out that “The Source” doesn’t have to be the first card you create. I find that doing art allows me to bend the rules and go beyond the “shoulds” and “have tos”, but for some reason, I couldn’t really begin this project until I created this card. Now I look my “Source” card several times a day and feel like it just appeared magically upon my desk rather than I “created” it.

The image of the pregnant woman in the center is definitely a reference to the great mother goddess(es). It’s also representative of my role as a mother. This symbolizes another spiritual belief of mine: that “goddess” isn’t just a separate source of life, love, and spirit, but it is a source within my self. I am goddess too.

The one thing about this card that was intentional is the image of the woman in the lower right corner. I felt the need to “appear” in this card. Like the goddess figure, this represents the Zen concept of the spirit residing within the self. The image is tiny compared to the other subject because I still feel so small in comparison to my “Source”. The figure is in a meditative pose – in awe of that which is this world and that which is beyond this world.

I said that the picture of the mosque ceiling was the inspiration for this card and it was definitely the place that I started when thinking about “The Source,” but the beach image got me cutting and glueing. The sea/ocean/beach is the place where I feel most at peace. I came across this picture in an old day planner I saved because I liked the pictures and quotes. I had forgotten I even had this image and it is the perfect backdrop.