Card #3 – The Artist

The ArtistThis card represents my artist within and I am thrilled I found the image of a child’s hand covered in paint because that’s how I feel when I’m working on my art – I am a child on a rainy day with all those finger paints.  My mom never let me get too messy in the house as a child and art wasn’t something that really figured into my daily childhood activities unless I was with my Dad’s Mom who let me use her REAL GROWN UP art supplies.  Oh how I loved that as a child.  Anyway, there is one memory that really sticks out and it’s a rainy day when I was about 5 or so and my mom gave me finger paints to keep me entertained. 

I’m learning how to not be so rigid in my art and am starting to explore more and more.  This project is really helping me push beyond those barriers.  Thus the image of the abstract female face represents me – grown up.  The can of pens and brushes represents the organized side of me that needs to have everything in its place when it’s time to create – actually – being honest, it just needs to all be in its place PERIOD or I go crazy. 

The painter crawling around represents me making this card.  It seemed appropriate – like a small tribute to my unconscious that is leading me on this collage journey.

The butterflies are purposefully coming out of the different colors of paint, representing how the creation process, starts with an idea, undergoes a process of metamorphosis, and then is.  Aside from that, I just needed to add butterflies since they are appearing throughout my life right now spontaneously and unexpected.  It could be the result of remaining a caterpillar for so long – but that’s another story and several cards I’ve yet to create.

My only complaint with this card is it doesn’t include images relating to any of my usual mediums: beading, stamping, quilting – but how the heck I was going to get all of that into just one little card was overwhelming.  I went with a simple message instead.  Get messy, honor your inner spirit and you inner child, and amazing things will emerge during the joyful process.


Card #2 – The Teacher

TheTeacherThis is the first card in my “committee” suit.  The committee suit represent the different pieces or parts of your psyche.  I journaled in advance of making this card and the ones that follow and have a pretty big list.

I’m not certain why I chose to make this card first other than I’m a “teacher” by trade.  I’m a Technical Trainer for Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services, Inc. and work in their Information Services department.  I couldn’t leave a computer out of this card and toyed with the idea of making the primary image a computer screen with symbolic teacher stuff showing on the screen.

I’m happy with the result of this card – but I think I could make additional cards on this role.  It was hard to choose images and I experienced some frustration with not having the perfect image I needed.  For example, I wanted a traditional blue globe rather than the antique beige one.

As for meaning, I am very happy with the door image and the way it works.  I wanted to symbolize opening doors for people as I facilitate their learning.  The image of the figure pointing at the nebula is representative of teaching things that are “beyond” and alludes to the ability of a teacher to make the seemingly unknowable knowable.

I had to include books, lots of books and a computer, of course.  The rest of the images, the globe, the apple, the ruler are all traditional symbols of learning and teaching.

It’s a pretty straight forward concept and I think, as I am writing and explaining the card, that it’s actually appropriate there isn’t much abstract here.  Afterall, the message of the teacher should be as universal as possible, accessible by all.

Card #1 – The Source

The Source

“The Source” is a visual representation of my concept of spirituality. I was worried at first about creating this card – the task of representing my concept of spirituality – my spiritual source – in one card sounded impossible. But while collecting pictures from magazines that caught my eye and felt inspirational, I came across the image that is displayed in the upper left inside a National Geographic magazine article. This image is the ceiling of a mosque at midday. I knew instantly, this would be a key image for my “Source” card. In addition to the light in the image, the geometry on the ceiling seems to emphasize and/or allude to the mathematical and scientific as a bridge to the unknown and the beyond. I did have to trim the image of the ceiling quite alot for it to fit onto the card, but I think that this feeling is still present.

Seena Frost (author of Soul Collage) encourages every cardmaker to create a “Source” card but points out that “The Source” doesn’t have to be the first card you create. I find that doing art allows me to bend the rules and go beyond the “shoulds” and “have tos”, but for some reason, I couldn’t really begin this project until I created this card. Now I look my “Source” card several times a day and feel like it just appeared magically upon my desk rather than I “created” it.

The image of the pregnant woman in the center is definitely a reference to the great mother goddess(es). It’s also representative of my role as a mother. This symbolizes another spiritual belief of mine: that “goddess” isn’t just a separate source of life, love, and spirit, but it is a source within my self. I am goddess too.

The one thing about this card that was intentional is the image of the woman in the lower right corner. I felt the need to “appear” in this card. Like the goddess figure, this represents the Zen concept of the spirit residing within the self. The image is tiny compared to the other subject because I still feel so small in comparison to my “Source”. The figure is in a meditative pose – in awe of that which is this world and that which is beyond this world.

I said that the picture of the mosque ceiling was the inspiration for this card and it was definitely the place that I started when thinking about “The Source,” but the beach image got me cutting and glueing. The sea/ocean/beach is the place where I feel most at peace. I came across this picture in an old day planner I saved because I liked the pictures and quotes. I had forgotten I even had this image and it is the perfect backdrop.