The Fool: Tarot Series #1

I’m so excited to say that I finished my very first tarot card. 

I am an officer of a fabulous art swapping group on Swap-Bot called “The Swapping Artist.”  When I stated thinking of swaps I wanted to host, doing a tarot swap was the first on my list.  We’ve got a small amount of people swapping right now, but would certainly love more.  While I can’t wait to see what I get in return, making this card was indeed one of the most rewarding processes I’ve been through in a while.

My design is really simple, but to me it captures the essence of “The Fool” – that youthful self-confidence where nothing stands in your way.  The feeling that you “know it all.”  And finally, the abyss of reality that waits you when you “fall,” rather unexpectedly, off the cliff of life.

I will be hosting swaps for all 22 major arcana cards.  Watch for more!